Resaca Grove is a small, family-owned farm. The grove is located along the banks of Resaca del Rancho Viejo just outside of Brownsville, Texas. In case you're wondering, a resaca is an alternate river bed formed by past flood waters of the Rio Grande River. The farm was purchased in the spring of 1989. The Ruby Red grapefruit trees were gorgeous and loaded with fruit. In December of that year, a record-breaking freeze hit the lower Rio Grande Valley hard. The freeze destroyed both the crop and the beautiful Ruby Red trees. In January of 1992, the grove was replanted with Rio Red grapefruit, which is an improved variety of the Ruby Red. The Rio Red was developed here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Our business has been steadily growing for the past fifteen years. Many of our customers are repeat customers. In letters and e-mails that we receive, they cite the freshness and taste of the fruit as well as great service. Often, customers order multiple times for themselves during the same season! If you're looking for a healthy, delicious treat for yourself or as a gift - try a gift from Resaca Grove Farm.

We are a proud member of "Go Texan" and "Texas Citrus Mutual."

In addition to our Rio Red Grapefruit which we produce at Resaca Grove Farm, we have expanded our line of products. In addition, we have added Texas pecan products. Fresh pecans, pecan pies and a flavored pecan assortment. Also, new for this season is a special grouping of three products that we call " Texas Heat " . It includes: Jalapeno Jelly, Black Bean and Corn Salsa, and Fire Roasted Cantina Salsa.

Please check the Start Shopping tab for additional products and the About our Fruit tab for product nutritional information.

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More pictures from the farm!

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